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May anyone register for the competition

The EeStairs Design Competition is open to students at universities and colleges courses in architectural, product and interior design, and to (young) designers who have already graduated. Members of the jury and their respective organisations, together with any persons who have in any way been involved in preparations for the competition, are excluded from taking part.

Are there different categories?

EeStairs is looking for designs of staircases and/or balustrades in two categories – Custom Design and Standard Design – which are described on the website: www.eestairs.com/designcompetition.

What can I win?

The winner of the Custom Design category and the winner of the Standard Design category will each receive an EeStairs Design Competition Award. This award is accompanied by a £2,000 cash prize. The remaining nominated contestants in both categories will receive a consolation prize of £100. These amounts will be transferred to the nominated contestant’s bank accounts within two weeks of the date of the prize-giving ceremony. At a minimum the winners’ designs are expected to feature in an extensive range of publications connected with the award. Via these media outlets the winners (and possibly the nominated contestants) will be brought to the attention of professional colleagues and the public.

Who can take part?

The EeStairs Design Competition is open to students at Technical Universities and Colleges studying courses in Architecture, Architectural Technology, Interior Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design, Industrial Design, Furniture Design, and to (young) designers who have already graduated.

Can I send in several designs?

A contestant may submit more than one design. In that case, the contestant must register each design separately so that each has an individual entry number. It is not permitted to send in one design under the name of two or more persons.

How should I submit my design?

Contestants must submit their entries before 16:00 hours on Thursday January 9th 2014 via the website: www.eestairs.com/designcompetition. Models or 1:1 details are not compulsory but contestants are very much encouraged to include these. Contestants are responsible for ensuring adequate insurance cover against loss, theft or damage during transit. When sending in these items, only the name of the design and the entry number (not any personal details) should be stated. They should be sent to the following address: EeStairs UK Ltd., Unit 3, The Old Printworks, 20 Wharf Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3AW.

Who will judge the entries?

The entries will be judged by a professional jury. Provided there is a sufficient number of serious, high-quality entries, the jury will determine which ones should be nominated. You can read more about the members of the jury at the page JURY MEMBERS.

What are the requirements for my design?

The design may not yet be on the market. The design must appeal to a wide section of the public, or or to a certain specific (large) target group. The design must fulfil the requirements for submission as stated in the section ‘competition’ on www.eestairs.com/designcompetition and in article 7 of the terms and conditions. The potential sale price of the design must be in line with the prevailing market and therefore it should not be a superb yet prohibitively expensive design. In order to potentially take the design into production it will be necessary to provide a comprehensive description of the design and the proposed production process (this is compulsory for a design in the Standard Design category).

What requirements must the entry fulfil?

The entry requirements are described in the terms and conditions.

Will I receive a fee if my design gets produced?

In the event that EeStairs decides to produce one of the designs of its choosing it will consult with the contestant and at its discretion potentially propose a suitable fee.

When will the winners be announced?

The results of the competition will be made known at the prize-giving ceremony that will take place on a Friday in March 2014, at the EeStairs Headquarters in Barneveld [NL]. Any possible changes will be announced via the website. Before the price-giving ceremony, the winners will be announced on the website of the competition and in other publications as well.

Where will the price-giving ceremony take place?

The price-giving ceremony will take place at the EeStairs Headquarters in Barneveld [NL]. The winners will be invited to attend (airplane tickets and transfer from Amsterdam Schiphol to Barneveld will be arranged by EeStairs). In addition to the price-giving ceremony, EeStairs will give a company presentation and a guided tour in the workshops. Any possible changes will be announced via the website.