Stairs by type

An attractive EeStairs® staircase can enhance a location: fascinating, perfectly attuned to the architecture; exclusive, a show piece. As a beautiful addition to your office, home or shop. EeStairs seeks a design that is suitable for the location and the wishes of its client. We use our creativity, expertise and experience as a basis, but we never lose sight of the staircase's function.

Because there are so many options when it comes to style, materials and installation, staircase prices can vary tremendously. To assist you in your search we have three categories. 'Standard Design' models are a wide selection of affordable, existing staircase designs. 'Custom Design' enables us to deliver a staircase customised to your own specific wishes. And if you are an architect or contractor with a design at the ready, EeStairs will be delighted to act as your partner to deliver an 'Co-Creation' product.