A floating staircase with wooden treads in a shop with sunglasses and a wall with a depicted face.
Floating treads between a balustrade and a wooden wall, walked by someone in a pair of dark slacks.
Glasses and a wooden floating staircase, in a shop with table, chairs and a reading man.

Mid West Success by staircase specialists

After a year of endless designing and particular decision making, staircase specialist EeStairs America was awarded the contract of a large staircase/balustrade project in city of Chicago, Illinois. This new construction home has begun its design stage in 2009 and since then the ground has been broken and the steel structured framing stand complete.

As the confirmations have been made for the staircases, the four-level, cantilevered/floating staircase with 3” rift oak treads, glass balustrade, and stainless steel handrail will be detailed in a 3D model to ensure accuracy during production and ease of installation. In addition to the staircases, the design of the home includes several balconies on the fourth level that are going to include our patented 101-style Vista base shoe system with 42” glass panel railings and square stainless steel cap rails.

This project has many special highlights. One unique highlight that we do not often see a demand for in residential projects is the type of glass specified for all the balustrades/railings. Because standard glass has a green hue when the light shines on or reflects through it, this client chose ultra-clear low iron glass instead, which has a colorless hue when reflecting light. This glass will provide a much clearer and color accurate view when looking through. As staircase specialist EeStairs ensured the right decisions for this client.

Shown above are images of a past project that had inspired this client for their new residential staircase.