A floating staircase with dark walnut wood staircase treads, spacers and a balustrade in front of a white stucco wall.
Dark walnut wood staircase treads, wall lighting and a glass balustrade in a residence in Westminster in London.
A window frame, wall lighting in a white stucco wall and a staircase with treads of dark walnut wood.

Wonderful in Westminster

EeStairs UK have recently commissioned photographs of a extraordinary double flight staircase recently completed in Westminster.

EeStairs were challenged to design a striking staircase for a limited space situation in a London Mews home. The customer personally appointed EeStairs giving rise to a close working relationship that yielded fantastic results. Working directly with the end user in this way is very rewarding as personal passion and emotion become major factors in the design process.

The final specification included American Black Walnut treads and risers, socket fixed glass balustrade and a stainless steel handrail. All supporting steelwork was artfully hidden within the thickness of the timberwork and behind the wall finishes.

The staircase geometry received special attention. EeStairs went to great lengths to omit any abrupt changes to the pitch angle of the handrail in a quest to deliver a smooth, constant journey up the stair. Typically a staircase of this nature will feature two square rest landings where the stair changes direction and in each case the handrail is required to rise vertically. By ‘slipping’ the treads EeStairs have avoided a common design faux pas.