Glass staircase

When an architect designs a building,one of the elements that can really catch the eye is the staircase. Often seen as just a necessary part of the structure, the great range of options is neglected. A design that takes advantage of the possibilities can easily transform a staircase from a necessary evil into the centerpiece of the house. With options ranging from an industrial steel staircase to an elegant frameless glass staircase design, the choice for the perfect fit is a hard one. So why would you go for glass stairs instead of all the other options?

Glass staircases add exclusivity

When you think of the elegance that comes with a perfectly designed, eye-catching glass spiral staircase, you can't help but get a feeling of exclusivity. Whether in a private residence, a commercial, or industrial building, in a modern location or a traditional interior, glass stairs bring that wow-feeling. Glass staircases can be the star of the show, while still letting all the other elements of the room shine through.

Quality glass stairs by EeStairs®

Over the years we have designed a lot of glass staircases. We have done glass stairs with minimal designs, exclusive floating stairs with just the glass tread visible, and have also put elegance into big open spaces by creating a large well placed glass spiral staircase. EeStairs® can produce glass staircases in any style!

The EeStairs® LongLast solution ensures that the glass treads remain anti-slip, durable and safe. The diffused surface also provides privacy from prying eyes below the glass staircase. The transparent nature of glass makes it possible to incorporate a picture or logo in the treads or on landings. LED lighting can also be incorporated to reinforce the unique character of every glass staircase design: stylish and bold.