A spiral staircase is often seen as a functional solution. The treads of these circular staircases are fixed to a central column, which means relatively little surface area is required. This does not prevent EeStairs from making stylish staircases using this geometry. The wide choice of materials ensures that we can design the EeStairs® spiral staircase in many different ways.

Due to structural requirements the column is often made of stainless steel or steel. The treads can be in timber, steel, glass or stone. And what's more, the treads are available in a number of shapes. A spiral staircase with a steel column and timber treads is the most cost effective, although stainless steel in combination with stone or glass soon gives a more exclusive look. Balustrade can be fixed to treads or the stringer, where you have a choice ranging from a simple railings to a glass balustrade. The choice is yours!