Spiral staircases

The main characteristics of spiral staircases are their central columns and a compact, circular staircase design, which means relatively little surface area is required for installation. Experienced spiral staircase manufacturers provide a wide choice of materials and design options ensuring that the resulting stair suits the space it is created for.

A commercial glass spiral staircase for instance, might be substantially larger than one found in a home, where you might expect a compact spiral staircase, or a narrow spiral staircase.

Due to the structural requirements associated with modern spiral staircase, the central column running through the round stairs design is often made of a metal such as steel. This makes the spiral metal staircase safe, while remaining stylish. The treads can be formed from timber, steel, glass or stone. Balustrades can be fixed to metal or timber treads perhaps even the stringer, you then have multiple choices ranging from a simple railing to a glass balustrade. As you can see, when you make your staircase spiral stairs, the options are endless.

EeStairs is able to produce stylish spiral staircases for small spaces and the company has experience of producing extremely narrow spiral staircase options for attic stairs and even superyachts!