A spiral staircase under a glass floor on a natural stone floor, in a residence on the Thames.

Sleek Stainless Spiral

Situated on the bank of the river Thames, EeStairs UK have installed a sleek stainless steel and glass spiral.

The staircase allows access from the ground floor to the basement and transmission of light was essential. To maximise natural light a glass roof was installed above the stair, placing further emphasis on the stair to be as transparent as possible.

Working closely with the architects, Stuart Forbes Associates, the transparency was achieved by detailing as much as glass and the least amount of steel as we could. We used toughened glass treads and balustrade, a glass landing at ground floor, and a glass walkway. The most slender sections of stainless steel where used and smallest diameter pole specified, all to maximise the natural light.

Building Regulation compliance was essential, the gap at the back of the treads being the hardest to fulfil. We overcame this issue with our favourite method, glass risers. UV bonded to the back edge of the tread; they maintain the transparency whilst also satisfying the regulations.