A stainless steel spiral staircase with floating and glass treads, on a natural stone floor under a glass canopy.
A spiral staircase with floating treads, balustrade and glass canopy between white stucco walls above a natural stone floor.
A floating staircase with wooden treads in a living room with a painting, chair and wooden plinths.
A living room with a natural stone floor, windows with wooden frames and a floating staircase with wooden treads.

3D or photo?

3d visualisations are one of EeStairs many strengths. At the concept stage of a project we produce an array of visuals to illustrate our design proposals and clearly present how a custom made staircase will look in the intended environment. This is a perfect way to communicate how a feature staircase will add to a property and eliminates unwanted surprises when we arrive on site with the completed product.

Once a project is finished and we have the photographs of the complete stair, we rarely look at the original visuals. We thought it would be fun to compare renders prepared at order stage, and completed photos. Can you tell which is which?