A red space-saving staircase on a wooden floor, with a white sleeper sofa and a black radiator.
A grey 1m2 staircase on a parquet floor with broadband television, audio system and large loudspeakers.
The top side of a 1m2 staircase, photo frames with photos of the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge.
The top view of a 1m2 staircase with steel handrail and anti-slip caps in a stairwell with parquet floor.

1m2™ Staircase Combing the "Golden State"

As "green" homes and limits on space and money are becoming the boundaries of future construction, New Avenue Homes, Inc. has found solutions. They have tackled these limitations by designing and manufacturing model homes to satisfied the three details listed above.

As the model homes comb the state of California, one of them is home to the one and only, 1m2™ Staircase! The 1m2™ staircase (aka TSS-067) is EeStairs' patented staircase that allows for level to level access in a circular manner using minimal square footage. The total opening required for this stair is 40" x 40."

As space became one of the boundaries of construction, New Avenue Homes' approach for minimal square foot usages is satisfied by the features and characteristics of our unique and patented 1m2 Staircase. Visit our website for more information on the 1m2™.