An open landing staircase with glass treads, on a natural stone floor in shopping centre the CORE in Calgary.

Retail Shop Le Chateau

Home to a Jaw-Dropping Glass Architectural Structure

Calgary's only downtown shopping centre, the CORE, is home to most of Canada's common retail stores including the well known "specialty retailer and manufacturer of contemporary fashion apparel, accessories and footwear", Le Chateau. Behind the temporarily closed doors of this shop, many exciting changes are taking place before the Christmas Shopping season arrives.

One of the upgrading details included in this renovation is a new, not only improved, but magnificent staircase of glass treads and railings. This straight run stair will be supported by two specially designed and manufactured stainless steel saw-tooth type stringers positioned on either end of glass treads.

EeStairs America Inc. plans to manufacture this stair and install it in the coming months. Each member of our team involved in this project anxiously awaits its completion in anticipation of appreciating its elegance and beauty!