A red space-saving staircase on a wooden floor, with a white sleeper sofa and a black radiator.The top view of a 1m2 staircase with steel handrail and anti-slip caps in a stairwell with parquet floor.

Increasingly homeowners are maximising the potential of their properties by converting their attics into a useable space. A fundamental consideration when utilising loft space is means of access; circumstances typically dictate that the staircase must be compact, functional and elegant. EeStairs can meet and exceed these criteria with the unique patented 1m2 staircase or a bespoke solution. Whichever direction you choose you are guaranteed exceptional Attic stairs.

1m2 by EeStairs is one of our Standard Designs; a unique, ingenious design solution optimised for application in a wide range of situations. Each 1m2 staircase is custom made to suit your project requirements ensuring that this wonderful 'limited space solution' makes efficient use of every available millimetre. If space is not at a premium you might like to consider Custom Design by EeStairs; with the sky as our limit we can work with you to deliver truly bespoke Attic stairs.