Glass balustrades with knotty wood staircase railings, along a winding staircase with natural stone treads in front of a white stucco wall.
A winding staircase next to glass balustrades and a wall with wall lighting. Above the staircase lies a parquet floor.
An open glass stairway on a marble floor in a hall with wooden beams and a plant pot.

TransParancy: EeStairs adds finesse to glass balustrading

Stylish, elegant and an optimum sense of freedom: glass offers numerous possibilities, all of which come together beautifully in EeStairs' TransParancy balustrades. Choose the versatility of glass and let EeStairs add subtlety to every interior.

As every architect knows it's the small details that ensure the best result. A perfect finish, stylish elements: but it’s the subtleties that bring an interior to life. EeStairs puts a lot of effort into these details. We evaluate what an interior needs and help you find the most alluring solution.

If you are looking for an impression of space, of transparency, our glass balustrading offer a stylish solution to suit almost every setting.

Reinforce the feeling of space

EeStairs’ TransParancy balustrades are available in several designs. Take a look at TransParancy 1-01 and 1-02. These frameless balustrading systems have no balusters which maximises the awareness of space. Using our patented TransParancy Vista system with TransParancy 1-01 and 1-02 can avoid design compromises. It provides an ideal solution when a large quantity of balustrade is required.

Glass brings every interior to life

EeStairs glass balustrades are bespoke, enabling them to be installed on almost any staircase, landing or floor edge. We have elegant design solutions combining glass with materials such as timber, steel and stainless steel. Our very popular TransParancy 1-03 model is a prime example of materials in harmony, and has an excellent price-quality ratio. For more exclusive projects see our TransParancy 1-05 and 1-06 systems.

Your partner in the design phase too

Design, wishes and execution ought to complement each other as much as possible. And that is why EeStairs offers you solutions for a wide range of projects. We can contribute ideas even in the design phase. Are you looking for a unique product? Then a Custom design will fit the bill perfectly. If you prefer a standard staircase for larger quantities perhaps, then you’ll find numerous options in our lower-priced Standard Design.

EeStairs TransParancy balustrades give you plenty of scope and we ensure that the safety aspect of the balustrades is fully satisfied. When can EeStairs start working on your idea?

Request our new glass balustrading brochure or visit the EeStairs website for more information about the TransParancy models. Or get in touch with us right away: or +44 1323 646904