A climbing vine in a hall with parquet floor and a winding staircase with balustrades and a patina finish.
A spiral staircase with inter alia a balustrade with brass finish, in a hall with a flat door.
A staircase with a rusty finish on the side starts above a marble floor with a landing.

Metal finishes

A popular request we are receiving is for unusual metal finishes. Aged copper, pewter and brass have all been requested, and delivered.

We have noticed a trend in recent months with unusual metal finishes. In the past we were limited to painted steel or stainless steel. With advances in technology we are now able to offer a variety of finishes such as copper, brass, tin and aluminium.

The benefit of these finishes is that they retain the properties of the material. For example expose an iron finish to water and it goes rusty. The beauty of this product is that we can work the material and achieve a patina or brushed finish to suit each clients need. Once the desired finish is achieved we can seal the finish, capturing it for years to come.