A winding staircase with oaken treads, a parquet floor, a door and stucco work in a living room in Berkshire.
A white stucco wall, white stucco balustrades, oaken treads and a parquet floor in a residence in Berkshire.

Realised project by EeStairs: Domestic Bliss feature stair

Working closely with a passionate End User, EeStairs designed, manufactured and installed a beautiful helical feature stair that formed a sculptural centrepiece whilst integrating seamlessly with the home.

EeStairs has a long standing commitment to great design and high quality, values that formed the foundation for a wonderful relationship with a passionate self builder realising a dream home in Berkshire. EeStairs were engaged early in the process to develop a staircase that would satisfy the client’s requirements for an elegant feature stair, merge seamlessly with the fabric of the home whilst bringing added drama to the space. Working closely with the client a wonderful scheme was developed that would complement the modernist style, excite the users and introduce the beauty of the helix into an otherwise linear build. The design process and the end result brought enormous satisfaction to client and supplier alike, a sure sign of a great project. The client’s testimonial confirms the positive experience that EeStairs strive to bring to every project;

"Very early in the design phase of the new build of our modernist house, it became clear that the staircase needed to be a central feature of the house - in the most literal sense. The staircase was planned right in the middle of the open living space and we had decided early on that we wanted it to be an organic shape to complement the overall, rather graphic design of the house."

"With EeStairs, the whole project simply became fun. Right from the first contact, they were keen to discuss not only the staircase, but also how it would relate to the overall architecture of the house and how it would define the different spaces around it. Every detail was covered and the design was tweaked and tweaked until it was absolutely perfect. The very open and collaborative nature of the whole process allowed for bouncing back and forth of ideas which led to an absolutely great design. Early meetings with our own builder and clear communication throughout meant that the different trades came together without a hitch when they needed to. The team who came to install the staircase was delightful, professional and refreshingly perfectionist."

"Everyone who comes into the house is wowed by the space and the staircase, the shapes and proportions are just right and people literally walk over, smile, and stroke the curves - a sign of great design if there ever is one."