An aluminium lightweight staircase, in a room with a stucco wall, stuccoed ceiling and a window.
An aluminium lightweight staircase, with a single staircase pillar and a hall to a flat door behind it.
The underside of an aluminium lightweight staircase with balustrade, with a view of an upper floor with balustrade.

Xtra-Light® by EeStairs

When we say custom, you think expensive. Well at EeStairs, this is not always the case. For example, take note of our XtraLight staircase by Eestairs.

This stair system is a simplistic yet custom staircase in several aspects. The XtraLight staircase by EeStairs is a straightforward design, with several options and advantages.

The first option is choice of balustrade. Either glass (TransParancy 1-03) or horizontal rods (FlatRhythm 2-01) can be used depending on the appearance desired. Additionally, the stringer supporting the treads can be single and central, or double and placed on either end of the tread.

The first advantage to the XtraLight staircase by EeStairs is the materials included in this staircase. The aluminum treads are lightweight yet durable and easily handled. The stringer and handrail can be shipped as a kit and effortlessly installed. Second, the silvery white of the aluminum provides a distinctively modern appearance. Due to its appearance and durability, this staircase is suitable for various environments.