A winding staircase with balustrade in a shed with wooden beams, wooden double doors and natural stone floor.
A staircase with glass balustrade and oaken treads in a 300-year-old shed with oaken frame.
A glass balustrade, window frame with a view of grass, wooden door and oaken beams in a farm shed.

Glass and Timber Helical Elegance

A 300 year old barn juxtaposed with a 21st century designer staircase is not a project for the faint hearted. EeStairs was entrusted to design a harmonious and yet contemporary staircase with a glass balustrade for a valued client. Wanting to keep visible structure to a minimum the staircase has a thin stringer wrapping around upstanding timber treads. The glass balustrade, with its offset stainless steel handrail, allows you to see the timber treads zig-zag profile. Material choices of oak treads and sculptural helical inner white wall reflect the barns oak frame and plaster infill.

Viewed from below, the staircase has a soffit which follows the curves of both balustrades. This smooth helical ribbon is a dynamic design feature which leads the eye up to the bridge at the upper level. The bridge is finished with the EeStairs Transparency 1-02 balustrade, with no visible handrails allowing uninterrupted views of the garden through a double storey window.

Despite the elegant and simple appearance of the staircase and the glass balustrade, it is a complex piece of engineering. EeStairs prides itself on being able to deliver these products on time and on budget.