EeStairs® floating staircases and glass treads are a popular design which is unsurprising since a cantilever staircase is both subtle and elegant. The treads are fixed to a wall without visible stringers. This makes the treads appear to float – hence the name. True floating staircases have something special about them and should not be produced in combination with a balustrade. We can however provide a balustraded cantilever staircase if regulations deem it necessary. A floating staircase is shown to best advantage in a minimalist location, becoming a true eye-catcher, attracting admiration.

EeStairs produces floating staircases from different materials, with treads made from timber, stone or even glass. The price of a timber version starts at approximately 11,000 euros. Treads made of glass increase the price to between 25,000 and 30,000 euros. Most EeStairs® floating staircases are either straight or QuarterTurn staircases. It is also possible to use floating treads on spiral and helical staircases. It's up to you!

Regulations prevent EeStairs from installing true floating staircases and glass treads everywhere. Our advisors can naturally tell you more.