A detailed image of the Liquid Metal finish, which inter alia consists of aluminium, brass, copper and bronze.
View of a wooden staircase and a balustrade with the Hot Rolled Satin Polish finish by EeStairs.
A balustrade with the Hot Rolled Satin Polish finish, in front of a wall with built-in wall lighting.

Special surface finishes by EeStairs

EeStairs offers unique and inspiring surface finishes for projects where more conventional finishes don’t quite cut the mustard. Two particularly interesting finishes currently enjoying an increase in popularity are Liquid Metal and Hot Rolled Satin Polish.

Surface finishes have the potential to transform a staircase whether by expressing and enhancing the very fabric of the construction or coating it in an extraordinary, tactile, decorative layer. Amongst the most alluring of surface finishes is Liquid Metal, a cold sprayed 95% metal coating available in a wide range of finished including Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Iron and many more. After spraying the coating can be processed by hand enabling patina or polished finishes to be used to further enrich the character of the stair. For example, a polish applied to the handrail element of a liquid metal coated balustrade will offer a suggestion of function and the stair’s history of use.

EeStairs’ Hot Rolled Satin Polish finish is suited to projects where a more utilitarian aesthetic is required. The finish is black and translucent in varying degrees ensuring that the raw steel below contributes to the appearance of the stair. Mill marks, scratches, welds and grinding will all remain visible through the black finish lending the staircase an honest, industrial appearance. For a subtle affect the blackening agents can be layered ensuring a darker surface finish where the character of the steel and fabrication process remains visible but muted.

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