The cover of Christie's International Real Estate Magazine shows a woman by a staircase in a hall.
Black letters and photos of business men and a woman on the cover of The Evening Standard.
White letters form a text in a sketched house on a blue background with clouds.

Media Spotlight

It’s been a bright summer for EeStairs’; media interest has bloomed and brought the work of EeStairs to millions through the mediums of television and print.

EeStairs’ feature staircases have enjoyed plenty of Media attention throughout the summer. EeStairs was invited to showcase a collection of domestic feature staircases on Channel 4’s popular ‘Double Your House For Half The Money’, which aired on Wednesday 6 August. In the show presenter Sarah Beeny guides homeowners through the process of adding value to their properties through well-chosen improvements. A series of EeStairs’ projects were featured showcasing how a feature staircase will greatly enrich its environment and stimulate users.

In Print, a selection of handpicked EeStairs installations contributed to a comprehensive staircase feature in Issue One of Christies International Real Estate Magazine. Contributing journalist Rachel Loos highlighted the impact a feature staircase will have on a home whilst supporting her story with quotes from EeStairs’ Senior Creative Advisor Steven Bray.

EeStairs’ Mindstep staircase also made an appearance in London’s free daily ‘The Evening Standard’. A readership of 900,000 were afforded the opportunity to appreciate the thrill of bamboo staircase design expressed by the wonderful lines of the Mindstep stair.