A wide staircase in a modern, grey environment that people are ascending.
A staircase at a station that two people have descended from. Overarching roof with lights.
Two staircases near a train station with overarching roofs of glass.

EeStairs enhances the architecture of OV Terminal, Arnhem

EeStairs has collaborated with architects UN Studio on the OV Terminal, Arnhem, NL. The city of Arnhem has undergone extensive development in the last few years and is now home to a wealth of bold architecture, which is characterised by the complex forms and flowing lines of ‘blob’ architecture. Due to its vast scale, the redevelopment of Arnhem has been carried out in phases, and EeStairs has provided support throughout each of them.

The use of organic inspired forms and shapes continues in the interior of Arnhem’s new buildings, making EeStairs an ideal partner for the project. Using stainless steel EeStairs has created a number of balustrades and railings to enhance the complex shapes created by the building’s architecture. The nature of stainless steel reflects the modernity of the exterior architecture, whilst allowing EeStairs’ expert manufacturing team to create usual shapes and designs. In spaces where connectivity and openness is important EeStairs has delivered open and unobtrusive balustrades, as well as creating a selection of stainless steel gauze balustrades to add depth and texture where required.

The diverse nature of the OV Terminal project is a perfect showcase of EeStairs’ ability to deliver bespoke designs with flawless quality.