A straight staircase with glass railings and square stainless steel handrails
Staircase with stainless steel stringers, stainless steel handrails and glass railings.
Top view from a wooden floor onto wooden stairs with glass balustrade and stainless steel handrails.
Straight staircase with wooden steps and landing, a window behind it with trees outside.
Living room with a TV on a stone wall, a fireplace underneath. White corner sofa with wooden dining table behind it with wooden chairs.
Building with lots of windows and glass facade, stone chimney. Outside are chairs and grass.

EeStairs has worked with Alt Breeding Schwartz Architects to create a sophisticated timber and glass staircase for a luxurious modern home with ocean views in Maryland (United States).

The property, which boasts a large garden and prime location, has an open-plan interior and glass exterior making it possible to take in the stunning views of the surrounding area. EeStairs was challenged to create a staircase that captured both the refined style of the property whilst enhancing its sumptuous feel. The outcome is threestraight staircases, joined by two landing areas and featuring dark timber treads, sleek TransParancy® glass balustrades and brushed stainless steel handrails.

The glass balustrades ensure that the wonderful views from the staircase remain as uninterrupted as possible. The combination of the rectangular shaped stainless steel handrails with the natural texture and deep colour of the timber treads creates an eye-catching contrast, resulting in a refined staircase that enhances this stylish property.