As a company, we pride our ability to deliver the very best we can and it’s always a pleasure to work with likeminded people who set the bar as high. From conception to delivery, we are committed to bringing your dream staircase design to life.


We work with flexible 3D Systems (BIM), allowing the exchange of models without issues - and it is during this phase that we evaluate the feasibility of a design. How solid is the structure, is it safe – have you selected the right materials? We help you answer these questions and together, we ensure your design is high-performance and precisely what you require.

Construction and installation

At EeStairs we leave nothing to chance. That's why we retain attention to detail and full control of your design throughout the stages of construction, transport and assembly.
Our team of skilled craftsmen produces the wood and steel parts for your staircase in our own factory - genuine quality from Dutch soil. The installation of a staircase is often a considerable challenge, especially in renovation projects and we have the specialists to ensure processes run smoothly and efficiently. Our technicians are experienced and equipped with cranes and all necessary mounting hardware - a comforting thought: with EeStairs even installation is in truly safe hands.

Your end result

It’s our ambition to create perfect staircases; staircases that are assets to their environment. Our work is only done when you are one hundred percent satisfied (and then we take photos of something we are proud of!)