An existing helical staircase in Bonn, Germany - has been turned into a work of art thanks to EeStairs' Cells® balustrade, a design option which exemplifies the power of simplicity.

As part of a beautiful renovation project in Germany, a concrete helical staircase required a major upgrade and a private client enlisted the help of EeStairs.

3D system

The existing staircase was carefully evaluated by EeStairs using modelling technology and then made a renovation plan was agreed. The client identified EeStairs Cells® balustrade - an organic shape-inspired steel system that can be tailored to the regulatory and customer’s requirements, as the preferred option.


The previous concrete parapet of the staircase has been replaced by an ornate Cells® balustrade comprising of rolled steel. After installation, the Cells® were repainted, adding an attractive finish to the feature staircase.