Working alongside MCM Architecture, EeStairs has contributed an attractive feature staircase in the reception area of Bird & Bird’s new 140,000 sq ft London office.

Designed by MCM and manufactured by EeStairs, the stair is a focal point as you enter the building. Finished in a liquid metal antique bronze, it offers four landings and features elliptical geometry. Created from fabricated from mild steel with a plate steel inner balustrade it also benefits from an attractive illuminated recessed handrail.


The staircase’s underside includes EeStairs’ luxurious EeSoffit finish, a cnc processed polymer soffit that is incredibly stable and durable.

Steven Bray, Senior Creative Advisor at EeStairs UK commented: "The Bird & Bird feature staircase is an extraordinary example of where elliptical geometry, a towering 6.2m floor height and the presence of four large landings contributed to the complexity of the design, manufacture and installation stages.

"The design process focused on delivering specific positions for the first and last treads, flowing inner and outer balustrades alongside multiple landings and balance of proportion with structural performance and build ability.

12 tonnes of steel

"With the staircase making a long elliptical journey punctuated by landings, the pursuit for structural performance was a significant challenge requiring the discreet placement of 12 tonnes of mild steel and the development of an incredibly stiff inner balustrade. EeStairs’ craftsmen rose to the challenges associated with forming the complex elliptical EeSoffit and steel balustrade with integrated handrail whilst the fitting team focused on ensuring that the stair was installed perfectly and prepared for the cold spray antique bronze liquid metal finish.”