EeStairs is continually striving to bring innovative ideas and unique staircases to life, often putting these creations forward for industry awards. During the recent Architizer A+ Awards, designed to celebrate the very best architecture and products from around the world, EeStairs Mindstep staircase won two awards in the Building Products: Access category. A jury of industry experts determined the first award and the other was won via a public vote.

Sustainable and stylish

The innovative MindStep® staircase is a sustainable twist on timber staircase design that unites uncompromisingly stylish looks with practical considerations. Created from laminated Bamboo, which is nearly as strong as steel, EeStairs’ MindStep® staircase can be created in an endless number of forms and finishes due to its sliced component parts. Not only is Bamboo plentiful, its fast growing nature makes it an ideal alternative to many slower growing woods. In addition, both the staircase and it’s stainless steel handrail are fully recyclable – perfect for environmentally conscious projects. As with other timber staircases, the MindStep® can be lacquered, stained or painted in any colour to enhance its surroundings.

Choosing a winner

There was more than one prize up for grabs at the Architizer’s A+ Awards. Category winners are decided by both a judging panel comprised of experts from the fields or architecture and design and there is also an award voted for by the public. EeStairs’ Mindstep® staircase came out on top, winning both accolades.

EeStairs Creative Director, Cornelis van Vlastuin said, “We are delighted that the MindStep® staircase has been so successful. The MindStep® staircase is incredibly popular, appealing not only to the environmentally aware, but also the design conscious.”

More inspiring designs from EeStairs

The MindStep® staircase is the work of EeStairs’ Senior Designer, Geoffrey Packer, and is just one of his many innovative designs. Other captivating and intriguing designs by Geoffrey include the DNA, a spiral staircase with a double helix design for the central column that is unmistakably inspired by the building blocks of life, as well as creations such as Slice and Interlace. Another of Geoffrey’s most popular design is the fantastic 1m2 staircase – like the name suggests this incredible little stair occupies just one square meter of floor space and is available in any RAL colour. This versatile, space saving stair is perfect for small spaces and looks wonderful in a modern setting.