Sanibell te Oud Beijerland [NL]

Sanibell te Oud Beijerland [NL]

EeStairs + RoosRos

A feature staircase was required for bathroom product manufacturer Sanibell’s new headquarters in the Netherlands.

The resulting helical staircase is finished in EeStairs’ smooth EeSoffit finish and coloured in black and white - a scheme which runs throughout the space.

EeSoffit is a pioneering material with many advantages; as a surface it is strong and durable, easier to apply than plaster and damage resistant.

Working with a specialist such as EeStairs means that expert support is available at every stage of the project, from concept, to visualisation and completion and end users benefit from cutting edge design and materials.

Sander Ros, RoosRos Architecten

Photography Jonneke.nl