In Holland, Krinkels BV is a leader in the design and maintenance of public spaces, and in finding more sustainable ways to achieve this. And so, when the architect, Paul de Ruiter, designed the company’s new office in Breda, he knew that the architecture had to make a clear statement about environmental efficiency.

Three elements demonstrated this very clearly: the lightweight, low maintenance ETFE ‘pillow’ skylight above the atrium and, most dramatically, the 308m2 circular ground floor area the two flights of stairs to the upper level, which featured the use of FSC-certified wood.

The wood on the floor and the stair-steps was laid to create the effect of growth-rings in a tree. This required particularly close and precise work between EeStairs and the Dutch wood artist, Jakko Woudenberg to ensure that the darker and lighter rings on the floor continue seamlessly up the risers and treads of the two staircases. The steel stair structures, with super-smooth EeSoffits, were delivered in two segments, and installed and spray-painted on site by EeStairs.