Unique smoothness, with a perfect edge

EeStairs makes and installs staircases of remarkable architectural impact, working with some of the most innovative architects, designers and contractors in Europe,the UK and North America. We are intensely focused on the highly crafted quality of our materials and detailing. And the final proof of our stairs’ geometric and surface perfection is the EeSoffit™, a unique soffit system which, as you can see in these examples, produces stable, super-smooth surfaces and perfect edg

This staircase, in a home at Laren in The Netherlands, demonstrates how the different geometries of the inner and outer balustrades have come together in an elegantly poised way. We collaborated with the well-known interior designer Pieter Laureys and our in-house Design Service produced the final detailed design. In plan, the inner balustrade falls in a much tighter and steeper curve than the outer balustrade, so the geometry of these varying curves had to be precise. The variation of the stairs’ width meant that the EeSoffit™ had to be applied with equal accuracy – particularly to ensure that the edges between the EeSoffit™ and the base of the balustrades followed their ellipses perfectly. Which they did!

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This monumental staircase in an office building in Canary Wharf, London, is the biggest and most geometrically challenging ever made by EeStairs because – very unusually – the stairs are asymmetric in both plan and elevation. And it’s also an Archimedes Spiral, which means that the radii of the rotations increase as they rise. It’s a supreme test for the EeSoffit™ – with a supremely satisfying outcome.

A key factor in the success of this architectural staircase was the close collaboration between the architect, engineer, and EeStairs’ in-house Design Service. The result is that the seamlessly fabricated mild steel plate balustrades and FSC-compliant oak treads rise monolithically, but very gracefully. “To get these stairs to work took an awful lot of modelling,” said Andrew McLean, a director of the architects tp bennett.

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