About us

EeStairs make feature stairs of exceptional beauty, precision and structural integrity in Europe, the UK, North America and Asia. Our teams are international and we have professional in-house expertise in engineering, architecture, product design, software programming, fabrication and installation. This means our clients can deal directly with us on every aspect of the stair creation process.

The ‘Ee’ in EeStairs stands for Exponent of excellence. We work closely with leading architects, interior designers, engineers and high-profile commercial and private clients. We collaborate with them to produce stairs whose forms, materials, and technical performances are of outstanding quality. Crucially, in terms of quality control, EeStairs controls the entire stair-making and installation process.

And we are innovators. Our engineers and in-house software and materials specialists continue to develop sophisticated and often unique stair detailing systems to ensure that our clients’ original designs and specifications will always produce stairs of superb architectural quality – and be a delight to use.

In short, the culture of excellence at EeStairs is driven by a single intensely focused desire: to create Beauty at Every Level.

EeStairs is an international leader in the production of feature stairs of outstanding quality and performance. Our clients include internationally known architects, interior designers, developers, contractors, and private clients.

We are innovators and we pursue excellence. EeStairs headquarters and factory complex gained the internationally recognised BREEAM Outstanding sustainability certification, and the quality of our management systems are ISO9001-accredited.

Our in-house engineers and materials specialists work closely with designers to refine key structural and aesthetic details, with one aim: to produce stairs that are architecturally superb. Crucially, EeStairs controls the entire stair-making and installation process to ensure that our stairs meet the highest international quality and safety standards.