EeCorda – Eco-Aware Modular Stairs

EeCorda™ represents a breakthrough in eco-conscious award winning stair design. Crafted by the experienced experts at EeStairs, these modular stairs blend eco-friendly materials and creative aesthetics, setting a new standard in staircase design for homes and creative small offices.

EeCorda™ is not just about looks; it’s an eco-conscious choice. Made with low-carbon aluminum, recycled cord, and old-growth rubberwood, it redefines sustainability in home furnishings. The efficient use of materials underscores its environmental commitment.

Innovation Meets Environment

EeCorda™ offers a modular staircase system that combines style, sustainability, and easy installation. It features silent, environmentally friendly aluminium treads and options for customizing colors and finishes.

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Sustainable Innovation

EeCorda™ marries silent, eco-friendly materials with sleek design, embodying EeStairs’ commitment to environmental and creativity. It’s an optimal choice for spaces requiring both modern appeal and sustainability.

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Effortless Staircase Assembly

EeCorda™ revolutionizes staircase installation with its DIY-friendly, modular design, enabling both enthusiasts and professionals to easily install a stylish and durable staircase. This approach offers customization with minimal tools required, ensuring a perfect fit for any space.
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From Design to Installation

EeCorda™ offers a seamless journey, from customizing your staircase via our online configurator to choosing your installation approach. With detailed calculations, BIM models, and personalized support, we ensure your staircase fits perfectly into your space
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