groovEe™ by EeStairs

groovEe™ by EeStairs has revolutionised glass balustrade railing systems, and specifically the way commercial glass balustrades are fitted on concrete balconies. With groovEe™ there is no need for a steel glass track, or highly visible balustrade posts and base-fixings. The groovEe™ is a frameless glass balustrade that provides an accurate concrete mould for the balustrade base, with integrated channels for the glass and drainage. And this innovative solution ensures a clear view through the clean-lined groovEe™ glass balustrade system.

Key benefits of groovEe™ glass balustrades

  • No mountings or posts are required in this modern glass balustrade, which makes the groovEe™ glass balustrade railing system very clean-lined and ensures a clear view through the glass.
  • Cost-effective because groovEe™ was designed as a commercial glass balustrade, and EeStairs made it significantly faster to install, using approximately 50% less labour than installing traditional glass balustrades.
  • Integrated drainage in the groovEe™ concrete mould.
  • Recycled material is used in the base-channel for the glass.