Fifty Stairs by EeStairs

Our EeBook Fifty Stairs, available in hardback or PDF, gives architects and designers a glimpse of some of our most beautiful stairs – many created in collaboration with internationally acclaimed architects. Our central aim is always the same – innovation and perfection of form and detail. Which is why the ‘Ee’ in EeStairs stands for Exponent of Excellence.

But we have always wanted to achieve more than outstanding aesthetic and technical excellence. We take our environmental and social responsibilities just as seriously. Our headquarters and main production facility meets the ISO9001 and ISO14001 management standards, and it was the first industrial complex in the Netherlands to gain a BREEAM Outstanding accreditation for significantly reduced environmental impacts.

And we continue to reduce carbon in our stair production – for example, by increasing the use of recycled steel, aluminium and plastic, and by developing new stair materials.

We are equally committed to our social responsibility outreach programme, which includes visiting and educational programmes for students and other members of our local community.

We believe this ethos of technical and environmental excellence is obvious in Fifty Stairs.