Standard Design
  • A red space-saving staircase on a wooden floor, with a white sleeper sofa and a black radiator.
  • A grey 1m2 staircase on a parquet floor with broadband television, audio system and large loudspeakers.
  • The top side of a 1m2 staircase, photo frames with photos of the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • The top view of a 1m2 staircase with steel handrail and anti-slip caps in a stairwell with parquet floor.

1m2 by EeStairs®

EeStairs® 1m2 staircase – Reach the floor above, within a footprint of only one square metre

Limited space? Maximising every bit of surface area and need to reach the floor above? Then EeStairs® 1m2 staircase is the solution. This stair leaves plenty of scope for functionality, but it is a design that also attracts attention. A storey height obtainable within one square metre of floor area: it's possible  with the space-saving 1m2 by EeStairs®.

The advantages of 1m2™ by EeStairs®:

  • Occupies the smallest possible floor area: 1m2
  • The floor opening need be no bigger than 1m2
  • This staircase can be installed almost anywhere
  • The ideal solution for a fixed stair to an attic or cellar
  • Perfect alternative to a loft ladder
  • Available in any RAL colours
  • Functional design staircase: artistic solution to a practical problem
  • Exclusive: EeStairs received a patent for this staircase

EeStairs set out to design a staircase that would fit exactly into a foot print of 1m2. Impossible, said some but EeStairs persevered. A process lasting six months resulted in a complete steel staircase that, due to its powder coating finish, is available in any colour. EeStairs received a patent for this staircase, which says something about the exclusivity. The 1m2 by EeStairs® soon turned out to be a great success.

Besides attracting enormous interest, there are now also a large number of satisfied users of the 1m2™. This design makes the most economical use of space possible. Customers use the staircase to access their attics, cellars or roof terrace by a fixed staircase that neither gets in the way nor takes up unnecessary space. A storey height within no more than one square metre – EeStairs had the knowledge to succeed.


Important Notes:

- Speak to one of our advisors before starting your building work.
- For patent purposes actual staircase is different than depicted.

Other Characteristics

Model 1m2 by EeStairs®
Type TSS-067
Shape Spiral Staircase
Material Steel
Finish Powder coated in all available RAL colours
Centre column ø114 tube
Treads Regular Steel plate treads with 1 row of black rubber anti-skid caps
Hand rail ø42 tube, rising helically around the centre column (this is optional)
Height of stairs Variable (up to 13 treads)
Number of treads Up to 13 treads
Attachment Fixings on top tread back to floor edge and at base of the centre column

Weight 225 kg
Transport dimensions 330 x 120 x 160 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to try before I buy?

We invite you to visit our studio to experience the 1m2® staircase first hand.  Please contact EeStairs to make an appointment.

How much does a 1m2® staircase cost?

The 1m2® by EeStairs® is available from EUR 2,400 (Ex VAT and Works). The EeStairs 1m2 ® staircase has several options; you can choose a number of elements such as opening size and paint colour to suit your particular requirements­.  EeStairs’ Sales Advisors will guide you through the process of choosing your perfect 1m2® and will prepare a fixed price quotation based upon your final specification.

Is the 1m2® staircase suitable for my project?

Each 1m2® staircase is custom made to suit a range of opening sizes and floor to floor heights.  Stairwells measuring between 900mm and 1200mm will be suitable whilst floor heights up to 3000mm can be catered for.  The 1m2® is supplied with either 12 or 13 treads enabling it to serve 90% of domestic floor heights.

Does the 1m2® staircase have a handrail?

1m2® staircases can be supplied with or without handrail.  Where required the handrail is a tubular steel item that rises helically around the raking centre column.  We always recommend a handrail as it offers greater support and comfort, particularly to users unfamiliar with the stair.

Does the 1m2® staircase meet regulations?

The 1m2® by EeStairs® may satisfy regulations when applied in legitimate limited space situations.  It is not intended as a main staircase in a home or for use in a commercial or public place. EeStairs’ Sales Advisors will provide advice relative to your specific circumstances.

What options are available when considering the 1m2®?

The 1m2® staircase forms parts of the ‘Standard Designs by EeStairs’ range.  This means that it is a unique EeStairs design solution optimised for repeat application in a range of situations.  There are a number of options to consider when specifying your 1m2® enabling refinement of the Standard Design to suit your individual requirements. Options include:
- Opening size and shape
- Floor height
- Number of treads - either 12 or 13
- Colour - any RAL colour
- Supply in one, two or three parts
- Extra wide entrance steps
- With or without handrail
- Supply and Fit
- Supply only
- Ex Works.

Can EeStairs prepare the stairwell?

EeStairs do not carry out preparatory works.  Your local contractor can prepare a stairwell to suit your 1m2® staircase.

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact EeStairs, we will be happy to help.