Feature staircases

A staircase has the potential to be a great deal more than a functional object connecting levels. Feature staircases should add architectural interest, invite users or introduce bold sculptural lines bringing a space to life.

At EeStairs, we can draw upon years of experience to maximise the potential of a feature staircase whether to deliver the wow factor in a home or encourage shoppers to explore the upper levels of a retail space. It’s also important for architectural staircases to complement the spaces they are in, be that through design, style or the materials used. A feature stair doesn’t have to be the reserve of luxury properties, as it’s possible to create truly outstanding staircases across different budget and project scopes.

Characteristics associated with an outstanding feature staircase include bold sculptural lines, intelligent application of materials and carefully considered geometry. All of these components, when carefully combined ensure a highly architectural staircase that is exciting rather than average.

In addition EeStairs can use of colour and lighting in conjunction with design language that complements the space in order to deliver your bespoke feature stair.