How the stairs and the Starres became a family affair

When Renanda and Adri van der Starre planned to build their dream home at Barneveld in the Netherlands, there were two crucial design aims: the interiors had to be beautifully composed, and the spaces had to be very comfortable not only for them and their three young children, but also for Renanda’s parents – who happen to live next door.

And this led to a design palette of colours, textures, and materials that create an ambience that is calm, elegant, and highly individual – there’s a fine balance between neutral colours and refined details and décor, and this is very evident in the living room, which is Renanda’s favourite space. Her favourite sources of design inspiration are Pinterest and Stylish Living, the online magazine.

The fine detailing and finishes are particularly clear in the kitchen, designed and made by Adri, and featuring a beautiful combination of oak and HY-MACS composite surfaces. Adri’s carpentry company A3 is very experienced with interior design projects. Hofstede Raanhuis produced the home’s general lighting scheme, and Jaap van der Starre designed the lighting, curtains and colour scheme for the kitchen.

A key part of the home’s design – and the comfort factor – was to ensure that the stairs were easy and safe for the elderly parents to use. Adri, wanted really stairs that were really striking. So he commissioned EeStairs to make a highly crafted staircase with oiled oak treads and the unique Cells™ balustrade system.

The organic open weave design of Cells™ steel balustrades have computer-generated tessellations, which form a flowing ‘weave’ of laser-cut steel cells. The varying shapes of the cells are randomly generated, which means that every Cells™ balustrade is unique.

Furthermore, this balustrade system forms a strong integrated structure with stringers, treads, or floor edges. In the case of Renanda and Adri’s staircase, the Cells™ balustrade forms its own stringer, which is securely connected to the treads.

The laser-cut balustrades look stylish and artistic, but they’re also extremely helpful. As Renanada’s father said: “Whatever age you are, you can hold on to this balustrade really easily because you can grab any of the cell-holes – so you don’t need a handrail.”

But these stairs are not the only stylish way to move between levels. EeStairs also installed one of its innovative 1m2™ stairs, leading to a basement space which Adri uses as a workspace and for storage. These sleek steel helical stairsonly have a unique slanting central column which makes them super space-savers: they take up 1m2 of floor and ceiling space – though in this case, the open space at the top of the stairs was made larger so that Adri could hoist sizeable objects to and from the cellar.

You could say that the Cells™ balustrade and the 1m2™ stairs have really helped to make Adri and Renanda’s home a stylish and comfortable one for parents, grandparents, and children – and also a great place to work.