The Spiral Staircase as an Artistic Apex: A Masterpiece in Hoofddorp

Architectural masterpieces are not just the foundations of a building, but also the unique elements that transform a space. A perfect example of this is the spiral staircase in the new Intralox office building in Hoofddorp. This staircase is not just a functional element; it is a work of art, a statement in design.

The Creation of Contrast and Beauty

An essential part of architecture is the play of contrasts, and the spiral staircase in the Intralox building embodies this principle. The matte black steel structure forms an elegant counterpart to the bamboo decorative slats. These slats are carefully attached to a perforated steel plate that forms the balustrade, creating a fascinating visual effect.

Unique Balustrade Design

The staircase was designed by Senior Project Manager/Design Engineer Johan Floor of EeStairs. The design is unique not only because of the choice of materials but also due to the three-part composition of the balustrade. The base is the steel structure, followed by a thin perforated plate, and finished with the bamboo slats. These slats are attached to the inner stringer and fan out with increasing distance upwards, creating a semi-transparent and dynamic effect.

Size and Elegance in Balance

With a diameter of 5.8 meters and a height of four meters, this spiral staircase is an impressive sight. Yet, the design retains a slender elegance, thanks in part to the ratio between the width of the steps and the height of the balustrade. The comfortable walking experience is enhanced by the wide steps, which are significantly wider than standard sizes.

Seamless Finish with EeSoffit

EeStairs’ innovation is further seen in the EeSoffit finish on the underside of the staircase. This product ensures a sleek, seamless finish, giving the staircase an even more refined appearance and bringing the design together as a whole.

Innovation is central to EeStairs. The ‘Ee’ in their name stands for ‘Exponent of Excellence’, which emphasizes their commitment to continual improvement in the design, production, and installation of staircases.

The spiral staircase in the Intralox building in Hoofddorp is a prime example of how a functional element can evolve into an architectural highlight.

Photography by Hans Morren

Architect: DENC Bussum