Wood, a beautiful organic material

When you think of wood in relation to stairs, the most obvious images that come to mind are wooden steps, risers, handrails, and balusters. However, they often emphasize functionality over aesthetics. We view wood differently, as a beautiful organic material that adds unique visual and tactile qualities to stairs – as the following examples demonstrate!

Monumental wood meets modern wood

When designers introduce something modern into a historic building, they must execute it perfectly to avoid an aesthetic clash. The renovation of this beam barn in the Netherlands, designed by Julia van Beuningen and Flip Wentink Architects, features a plywood spiral staircase with beautiful wood grain patterns that create a striking contrast with the rough surfaces of the old beams.

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Complex geometry and wood? No problem

The main staircase at the French headquarters of the pharmaceutical company Novartis was particularly challenging. It weighed 8 tons, had only two structural attachment points, and the vertical and horizontal geometry met asymmetrically. Therefore, even the slightest lack of precision in the surfaces of the wood veneer balustrades and staircase ceiling would have been disastrous. That’s why we are especially proud of the result – the closer you look, the more beautiful the staircase becomes.

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Wood and steel - perfect partners

Seen from the outside, Villa Kasmi in the Belgian town of Lochristi features rectangular, very modernist architecture. However, inside, the staircase boasts an artistically open-weave steel Cells® balustrade created using our unique pattern and steel cutting software. Notice how the organic pattern is highlighted by the steps and risers, which are free of detailing, have a very solid appearance, and are covered with a glossy, reddish-brown oil.

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