Experience – NextGen™ in use

Feeling the smooth, anodized treads of the NextGen™ stairs underfoot offers a unique tactile experience. The choice of three colors for these aluminum treads and the option to have stringers in any RAL color add a visual delight, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal. As your hand glides along the sleek handrail, the blend of texture and design truly makes every step a sensory and visual pleasure.

NextGen™ Samplebox

The NextGen™ Sample Box offers a tactile preview into the innovation and quality of the NextGen™ Silent Stair System. It includes actual anodized aluminum tread samples in three color options, showcasing the aesthetic variety available. This hands-on approach allows you to not only see but feel the superior materials and finishes that define the NextGen™ stairs. The box itself is a testament to the thoughtful design and engineering behind the product, with a layout that neatly displays each component, emphasizing both the silent functionality and the stylish options of the NextGen™ range. It’s a compact representation of EeStairs’ commitment to quality, design, and user experience.