• Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston [US]

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Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston [US]

EeStairs + Fennick McCredie Architecture

In the heart of Massachusetts, a place renowned for its historical and contemporary contributions to American culture and industry, EeStairs partnered with Fennick McCredie Architecture to craft a centerpiece within the Boston Convention Center. A meticulous intersection of form and function, the staircase embodies the city’s modern vitality and innovative spirit.

Robust mild steel forms the backbone of this creation, a testament to EeStairs’ precision and technical prowess. Sleek mahogany handrails and polished steel plates harmonize, creating a symphony of aesthetics and engineering precision. Innovative elements such as the 3D printed soffits, reinforced with carbon fiber, resonate with architectural novelty, and the clear tempered glass balustrades amplify the staircase’s spatial elegance.

Reflecting a collaboration of vision and expertise, the staircase emerges as a blend of technical mastery and artistic expression, where design innovation and craftsmanship converge to enhance the luminous ambiance of the convention center.

Photography Horne Visual Media

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