Brooklyn, New York [US]

EeStairs + Davies Toews Architecture

The focal-point of this interior in the trendy borough of Brooklyn in New York, is clearly the staircase. Davies Toews Architects designed the stairs in a style that skilfully combines minimalism and sensuality. The stairs look simple, but EeStairs craftsmen had to ensure millimetre-accurate manufacturing precision to produce a balustrade and handrail which curved and then straightened perfectly.

The refined aesthetic is accentuated by the thinness of the high strength, low-alloy steel plate balustrade, which rises with the geometric accuracy of a CAD drawing. The staircase was craned into the apartment under the direction of the EeStairs installation team, who also ensured that the two steel support columns for the staircase were invisibly embedded in the outer wall.

The purity of line, metal and wood surfaces, and paint colour required an exceptional degree of craftsmanship, engineering, and care during installation. There are no visible fixings or welds, which means the staircase and the upper landing and balustrade appear as a single, seamless object. And all this was achieved in an unusually tight four-week manufacture-to-installation schedule.

Photography Port Studio, LCC

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