De Eekhoorn, Zwaag [NL]

EeStairs + Breg Ontwerp en Advies + Bouw Contracters West bv

Not all of our clients understand, first-hand, how challenging it is to turn innovative design into a finished product of exceptional quality. So when De Eekhoorn, a leading Dutch manufacturer of stylish contemporary furniture commissioned EeStairs to make a massive feature staircase at their headquarters in Zwaag, we knew they would expect it to be made to the same quality as their very best furniture.

We collaborated closely with the architect, BREG Ontwerp en Advies, who produced the design concept for the stairs because we knew that the sheer size of the staircase, and its mixture of straight and curved lines, would require complete precision when the extremely heavy stair segments were welded together in situ by the EeStairs installation team.

The 2.5m wide stairs have beautiful walnut treads and rise 7m from the ground floor to the upper level. The stairs begin with a wide radiused sweep and then straighten to meet the landing and the balcony balustrade. The most visually striking element is the sheet steel inner balustrade, which is seamless and geometrically accurate, despite being assembled in sections and painted on site.

Photography Hans Morren

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