Het Veld, Leersum [NL]

These stairs, in a private home in The Netherlands, may not be architecturally dramatic, but we’re proud to feature them because they’re a good example of our can-do attitude – and our ability to innovate.

The challenge was to design and install a secondary ‘back’ staircase which had no risers or stringers, and was sandwiched between two walls that were quite close together. As you can see, the lack of risers allows light through the treads, which was important as this staircase leads to a lower flight of stairs to the basement which has oak stringers and risers.

So the key question was: how could we design and install treads without risers or stringers that were structurally secure? Our solution was to make zig-zag laminated wood supports that could be partially sunken and fixed into the walls. The oak treads were then glued to the horizontal top surfaces of the zig-zags, and this achieved two things: a staircase with clean lines, and minimal visual evidence of structural support.

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