• Little C, Rotterdam [NL]

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Little C, Rotterdam [NL]

EeStairs + FW55 + Tank Interior Design & Branding

Little Coolhaven, also known as Little C, is one of the trendiest work-live districts in Rotterdam, and the interiors here often have an industrial chic design style. So we weren’t surprised when we saw Tank Interior Design’s proposal for a staircase in one of the appartments.

There are only two visible materials – big blocks of reclaimed, sanded oak for the treads and lower landing, and steel wire hangers for the outside ends of the treads. And the treads had different thicknesses and widths – a highly unusual configuration which demanded complete precision in the positions of the hangers and the inner tread supports.

To increase the visual drama, it was crucial to conceal the structural elements to make it look like the treads were almost floating in the air. We achieved this by putting a steel cassette in the wall, hidden by plaster, that held one end of the treads; and the wires holding the other ends were hung from a concealed rail in the ceiling. EeStairs also supplied and fitted the invisibly fixed glass balcony balustrade, and a large bronze-finish steel internal window.

Photography Hans Morren

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