• LV7 Bentinck, Den Haag [NL]

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LV7 Bentinck, Den Haag [NL]

EeStairs + Kentie + Partners Architekten Amsterdam

The four-storey feature staircase we made for an office building in the Hague, Holland, looks effortless – a geometrically perfect white spiral with a seamless balustrade and soffit, which we’re very proud of. But we’re just as proud of solving the HUGE physical challenge of installing the staircase.

The staircase was so big – and the historic streets around the building were so NARROW – that our installation team had to transport the stair structure in sections, which sometimes missed cars and walls by inches. Then they craned the elements down through the roof without damaging balconies or the glass curtain-wall.

Finally, the stair sections were lifted and locked into their correct positions using smaller internal cranes and hoists. Everything had to fit together to the MILLIMETRE.

And it DID! You know the saying about swans, don’t you? Calm and beautiful on the surface – but working really hard beneath the surface.

Photography Hans Morren

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