New Babylon, Den Haag [NL]

EeStairs + Heren2 B.V. + MVSA BV

A new Dutch government policy wants more buildings to be designed or re-used so that they encourage people to take more exercise. And one example is the architecturally radical adaptation of a 1970s building in The Hague, where a two-level elevator section was replaced with an elegant ‘scissor’ staircase made by EeStairs.

The dramatic cross-over structure of the stairs has crisply detailed glass balustrades and stringers made with three layers of steel, and sends an immediate and inviting message: “These stairs are not only stylish, they’re also very good for you. Come on up!”

EeStairs responded to the architect’s ‘circular’ transformation of the New Babylon building by mounting the stairs on the original structural base-points of the elevator. They manufactured the stairs in a very short lead-time and, to avoid disrupting the daily retail activity in the building’s lower levels, EeStairs’ team installed the structure during night-shifts.

Photography Hans Morren

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