• Samsung Experience Store, Eaton Centre, Toronto [CA]

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Samsung Experience Store, Eaton Centre, Toronto [CA]

EeStairs + Quadrangle Architects Limited

The Samsung Experience Store in Toronto is an immersive and atmospheric realm of high tech and virtual reality. The interior design is all about curves, and the most eye-catching are those formed by the white-painted steel balustrades of the staircase – seamlessly elegant, despite being the heaviest two-section stairs that EeStairs have made and installed in North America.

The staircase design was developed by Quadrangle Architects in several collaborative meetings with EeStairs, and we produced a series of progressively revised detailed designs, followed by a full set of fabrication drawings for our highly skilled factory team.

The visual drama of the staircase is accentuated by the way the steel balustrade on the upper level drops below the ceiling of the lower floor space to create an 11ft deep steel-plate smoke-baffle. And to make sure the stairs fitted accurately, EeStairs installation team supplied the contractors with a precise 1:1 base template so that the stairs would rise from exactly the right position.

Photography Hans Morren

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