Creating outstanding staircase designs that become both an architectural focal point of a building as well as the functional feature is part of EeStairs’ DNA. By continually combining bold design with high-quality materials EeStairs has brought to life its passion for engineering the extraordinary in hundreds of projects.

Helping architects realise the potential of their own designs demands being flexible in the way that we work. We guarantee levels of support and partnership throughout the duration of a project: from pre-tender stage, through concept, to design and build to completion and delivery of the stairs. It’s this approach that has earned EeStairs an international reputation for creativity, expertise and excellence when it comes to staircases.

At EeStairs we take staircase design to a higher level and make sure the end result contains all aspects of your staircase ideas. Designer staircases are stairs with exceptional qualities. Be this through its shape or the use of materials, a truly designer staircase should be irresistibly stylish – but also not compromise on quality or ease of use.

As you would associate with products produced by designer brands, designer staircases feature high-quality materials and are styled to set them apart from more ordinary designs. A popular option, for instance, in high-end design stairs is to use elliptical geometry in the shape of the staircase. Another highly sought after trend in designer staircases is attractive liquid metal finishes, with bronze being a popular choice.

EeStairs takes great pride in producing bespoke designer staircase concepts that are unique and based on what you have in mind, or alternatively, if you are looking for guidance, we can advise on what we believe will suit a specific space. So, when looking for a partner to design stairs that will be the crowning glory of your interior, it’s EeStairs that you should have in mind.

Intelligent staircase design is a genuine skill, and fortunately something that at EeStairs, we have in abundance. The design of stairs is a skill that has contributed to creating beautiful interiors for centuries – and now, in the modern age, we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of developments in the trade.

Whether that’s though utilising highly innovative technology used in the design for stairs, or complex production and installation techniques – you can be rest assured that partnering with EeStairs will ensure that you have a staircase that really pushes boundaries.