Designer staircases UK? An EeStairs® designer staircase permeates its location with beauty: exclusive, an interior’s crowning glory. EeStairs searches for designs that compliment its intended environment and matches the clients vision. Using creativity, expertise and experience as a basis we never lose sight of the staircase’s function. The simplest stairs are straight and spiral stairs. EeStairs can produce these as a main stair, in materials such as steel with timber treads.

The result is a staircase in which ease of use comes first without being at the expense of an attractive appearance. Would you prefer a more exclusive staircase? Then a helical staircase with a combination of stainless steel, stone and glass materials is an excellent example.


EeStairs® balustrades are often used as part of a staircase. We regard balustrades as an individual object, independent from the structural elements. EeStairs has many patented balustrade systems that can be used in a variety of situations such as domestic and commercial sectors. The simplest balustrade are straight lengths along a floor edge. A curved balustrade rising with a staircase can enhance the appearance of an interior.

The same is true for the materials used. Stainless steel combined with glass gives balustrade an exclusive look. A design produced in ordinary steel is of course possible, but perhaps a little less exclusive and certainly lower in cost. Take a further look at EeStairs® exclusive balustrades on our website.

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